August Workshop | 2 hours

Whale Quilling

Join us for this 1-visit oven-bake clay workshop!

Discover the vibrant world of Ditto oven-bake clay as you create your own swirling underwater scene.

August | Whale Quilling | 2 Hr Instructor Guided Workshop


Workshop Details

In this unique oven-bake clay workshop, you’ll learn how to create a beautiful ocean scene with a very fun coiling technique. Sculpt your entire sea masterpiece with our Ditto oven-bake clay and explore the rainbow of colours to choose from! Ditto does not require glazing and comes in many vibrant colours, or you can mix your own!

After your aquatic adventure is created it will bake in the oven and be mounted on an 8×8" wooden board ready to hang or sit on a shelf, adding a bit of playfulness to any space! 🐋


1. Build & Sculpt: 2 hours of instruction, stay up to 30 min after to finesse.

2. Pick Up: Return in a week to collect.


8" H × 8" W

Techniques & Materials

Techniques: handbuilding

Materials: Ditto oven-bake clay, canvas panel

Oven-Bake Clay 101

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist, oven bake clay is SUPER user-friendly. Its soft and pliable texture makes it easy to mold, shape, and blend, giving you full control over your creations. It’s already coloured, so there is no glazing necessary. It goes into an oven to cure, rather than getting fired in a kiln. You can even twirl and blend it together, to make your own custom colours!

"The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination, and brings eternal joy to the soul."

—Robert Wyland