Mother's Day Celebration

Spring is blossoming, and our studio is gearing up for a heartwarming Mother's Day celebration filled with creativity and joy! Join us for a delightful afternoon dedicated to honoring mothers and the beauty of spring blooms! Our community event brings families and friends together, celebrating the #1 lady of the house—Mom!

Mother's Day Celebration


  • Ages: 5+
  • Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a registered adult.
  • All attendees MUST register—adults and children. No observers.
  • Maximum 6 spots per group, please.
  • This cannot be booked as a birthday party time, this is a public event for our 4Cats community to celebrate and enjoy together.
  • No credits or refunds after booking, not transferrable.

The Details

🌸 You will make one 2 person family oven-bake clay figurine while creating side-by-side. Not only will you have a beautiful and unique Mother's Day gift, but you will also make memories that will be cherished for years to come.

🎶 Music, prizes, art, activities & togetherness... a perfect day in May!

Don't Forget...

  • 🎨 Enjoy the process! We believe in progress over perfection, so don’t worry if you’ve never sculpted before!

  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 All are welcome! This family-friendly gathering will fill your heart with joy. No special skills needed—just come as you are!

  • 😄 Come back! The oven bake clay artwork that you make together needs to be baked in our oven. You’ll return to pick it up within a few days of making it.